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Integrated Project Solutions IPS & BD

Our Oilfield Integrated Project (OIP) teams former by specialist and experts work towards the best solution to meet our client needs. We meld our strong capabilities and expertise across oilfield domains as well design for drilling and completion, well integrity, reservoir, petrophysics, geomechanics, drilling fluids, fracturing, stimulation, production engineering and optimization to deliver integrated projects maximizing well life cycle while ensuring optimum well placement, sweeping efficiency, recovery factor plateau and capital efficiency.

  • Exploration: Regional Evaluation / Prospect ranking and well planning
  • Field Development for Green and Brown Fields
  • IOR & EOR road map for mature reservoirs
  • Production: Reservoir monitoring & Production enhancement
  • Oil Field Technical Expert's Consultancy
  • Geomechanical and Feasibility Studies
  • Stochastic evaluation: Uncertainities & Risks

Well services - Comming soon!

Drillinktech offer a bundle set of well services starting from conventional drilling operations up to the sophisticated well interventions solutions focus on maintaining wells on top of their capabilities at all times. Our well service division is being empowered by our internation partners given best in class solutions fully adapted to the new Oil & Gas market

  • Cementing
  • Coiled Tubing
  • Stimulation and Fracturing
  • Wireline Services
  • Directional Drilling
  • MWD & LWD Surveying
  • Mud Logging
  • Data transmission
  • Drilling and Completion Fluids
  • Managed Pressure and Drilling(MPD)
  • Managed Gradient Drilling(MGD)
  • Weil Testing, Slick Lines and Completion Services
  • Surface Production Management
  • Extended Reach Drilling ERD
  • Drilling Performance, Analytics and Big Data trends
  • Real Time Survey Management
  • ESP Completion Packers and Accessories

Engineering & Consultancy Services (E&C)

An Innovatiove customer oriented well engineering consultancy services carefully designed to fulfill the Oilfield technical gaps that are impending moving towards to reduce field, reservoir, drilling and completion challenges and uncertainities for inclined, horizontal, multilaterals and ERD wells along with EOR/IOR techniques and Production optimization. DrillinkTech experts provide within your organization a diversity of fit consultancy solutions to fulfill any projects gaps required to unlock possibilities, production, technology and innovation.

Technology & Equipment (T&E)

DrillinkTech offers a variety of reliable technologies and equipments's empowered by our international brands carefully selected to cover our customer demand in compliance with highest international standards ranging from real-time downhole monitorings and data acquisition systems, drilling and completion tubular, drilling tools, completion packers and accessories to a anti-corrosives valves and pipes, hydralic pump system.

Maximize wells performance throughout our online Technologies Forums

Specialized Training

Reservoir Engineering

  • Reservoir engineering Fundamental Course
  • Numerical Reservoir Simulation
  • Special core analysis (SCAL)
  • PVT & EOS modeling
  • Pressure Transient Analysis (PTA)
  • (IOR) Water & Gas flooding management
  • (EOR))Enhanced OIL Recovery
  • Stochastic analysis for static and dynamic uncertainty evaluation

Well & Completion Engineering

  • Well Planning & Rig Selection
  • Drilling Engineering - State of the Art-
  • Casing & Tubing Design
  • Advanced Casing & Tubing Design
  • HPHT Well Control
  • Underbalanced well design
  • Drilling Optimization Levels: 1, 2 & 3

Production Engineering

  • Hydraulic fracture Modeling
  • Well performance optimization
  • Production engineering

Geomechanics & Wellbore stability

  • Pore pressure analysis
  • Geomechanics applied to drilling
  • Introduction to Drillworks Predict
  • Introduction to Technologies for wellbore stability analysis